Project Overview

The Automobile Alley streetscape construction is part of the City of Oklahoma City’s
Better Streets, Safer City initiative.

The project is the combination of two projects funded by the City, 1) Streetscape: 4th Street to 11th Street on Broadway Ave. and 2) Road resurfacing: McGee Ave to 13th Street on Broadway Ave. The project aims to make Broadway Ave. safer for vehicles and pedestrians. “Better Broadway” is the marketing effort by the Automobile Alley Association to support district businesses and communicate with stakeholders and the public.


What will the construction project do?

It will create a safer experience by:

Reducing crossing distance of Broadway with the use of bump outs at every corner. On average, the crossing distance will be reduced from 75ft to 45ft.

Addition of bump outs to make pedestrians more visible to vehicular traffic

Pedestrian crossing flashing signs at non-traffic signal intersections (NW 9th & 7th Streets)

Adding ADA compliant crosswalks

Our businesses are open and are offering accommodations during construction. Contact the businesses individually or look them up on social media to learn more.


About Better Streets, Safer City

In 2017, Oklahoma City voters approved a 13-proposition bond package and two sales tax initiatives called Better Streets, Safer City. The 10-year, $967 million bond package invests in streets, police and fire facilities, parks and other basic needs. A permanent ¼ center sales tax is helping hire 129 more police officers and 57 more firefighters with an annual $26 million boost for public safety and other day-to-day operations. A temporary penny sales tax extension included in the project generated an additional $240 million for street resurfacing, streetscapes, trails, sidewalks and bicycle infrastructure.