The Automobile Alley Association is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides marketing and promotion to Automobile Alley businesses and for the district itself. Automobile Alley is part of the downtown Business Improvement District (BID), which is managed by Downtown Oklahoma City Partnership.

The BID delivers street-level amenities, such as street cleaning and trash pickup, and produces events.


Randy Kamp Chair
Ashley Fogle Treasurer
Brian Blundell 
Mickey Clagg
Ben Davis
Jeremiah Davis

Rusty Duncan
Audrey Falk
Jim Gray
Lanc Gross

Kelly Kay

Justin Lawrence
Brandon Lodge
Laura Phillips-Shinn
Steve Mason
Anthony McDermid
Jennifer Nakayama
Ex officio
Nick Nichols Vice Chair
Aundie Pemberton
Chris Salyer
Betsy Schraad
Randie Vasso
Traci Walton Past Chair

The Automobile Alley board meets every month on the last Wednesday at noon. To be added to the agenda or suggest topics for discussion, please email info@downtownokc.com or call us at 405.235.3500.